;). The 5 Best Magnifying Glass to Start Fires: The Matchless Match! ), Bulletproof vests are exceptionally great tools, Natural Laundry Detergent That Works (Our 5 Favorites), Urban Escape and Evasion Techniques (5 Things To Know), How To Bug Out Of A City (4 Helpful Tips To Keep You Alive), What Can You Hunt With a Slingshot: Hint, Small Game, What To Consider When Looking For The Best Tactical Wheelbarrow, Best Tiller for Hard Soil (5 Tools Tough as Nails), A Guide For Buying The Best Tool Backpack (5 Favorite Ones), Best Place to Survive in America (Head For the Hills! This will ensure that the vest works to its maximum ability for as long as possible, and it’s just a good habit to get into if you haven’t already. Would love to have this prep, as they can be pricey free is best way to go. What an awesome prize, so original and I really don’t have this included in my supplies! Ok, I get it! Wearing a bulletproof vest up higher will likely be more uncomfortable for women, but then again, comfort really isn’t your primary concern if you’re in a situation where you need to wear a bulletproof vest. However, don’t start freaking out or feel embarrassed! It is possible for bullets to get through a vest, but the chances of this happening are extremely slim. :). It would be a dream come true to win this vest. He loves guns and shooting them! Ok, good – I love that porcelain skin is the in thing in some countries! Would love to protect myself from my kids… I mean intruders! This includes your heart and lungs, so adjust the vest until it’s covering these areas on your body as much as it possibly can. Good luck on your journey! We all have a right to protect ourselves and our families. Lighter, thinner ballistics vests like the IIA,... 3. Granted, it would leave your stomach more exposed, but stomach wounds are generally not immediately life threatening. I like the several pockets to carry extra rounds, a knife, flashlight etc. The soft panel armor is much more feasible for protection in a civilian situation. I wore the bullet proof vest all wrong in my post about them. I like the Deluxe the best. Plus, it’s a conceal type. Instead, bulletproof vests are bullet-resistant. I- so need one of these vest! I would love to win this vest!!! If it’s too large the vest won’t fit well and tend to slip, while if it’s too small the vest may expose your vital organs to injury. :). Do you understand the basics of how to wear a bullet proof vest? Or a helmet. Thanks for the info AND the opportunity for the vest, I like the TitanSkin accessory for protection from sharps, too. This will likely cause you to wear the vest higher so that your stomach is exposed, but that’s okay. I forgot to add in extra points for compliments ;). This website helps you to choose and buy a bulletproof vest for yourself or a loved one. Body Armor Laws in the US. If you are buying a concealed vest, wear a tight fitting t-shirt and pants. There’s no such thing that’s totally bulletproof, but, Bulletproof vests are made out of either woven or non-woven fibers, and because of the way they’re put together, they stop a bullet from penetrating, The first thing to know is that you should never get your, Wearing a vest isn’t exactly a science, but there are a few things that you’ll want to keep an eye out for to ensure that you’re protecting your body as much as. Thanks. In my defense, I had a lot of other things on my mind other than fixing the straps on my vest – like my babysitter ditching me (hence the extra sound effects in my video), about 10 minutes to work with before the sun went down, and dealing with a grumpy photographer (aka my husband). You have a great site with lots of useful information. BULLETPROOF VESTS CONCEALABLE VEST $399.00 $419.00-14% Select options QUICKVIEW Add to Wishlist CORRGUARD BULLETPROOF VEST $439.00 $499.00-11% Select options QUICKVIEW … There are no other body armor laws in Alabama. Choose a vest based on the threat that you’re likely to encounter. Any backpacker will tell you, one of the most difficult parts of backpacking is the packing of the backpack. SEATTLE -- Seattle firefighters have added a new piece of equipment to their trucks -- something they hope will keep them safer. Let’s face it, if they were made for comfort we would be wearing them all the time. First off, and perhaps the most important, ensure that your vest is covering all of your vital organs. How To Properly Wear Body Armor - Safe Life Defense - YouTube I ϲould һave swoгn I've been to thiѕ website before but after looking at a few of the articⅼes I realiᴢed it's new to me. ACE LINK ARMOR BULLETPROOF VESTS COMPREHENSIVE BALLISTIC PROTECTION. Everyone has large propane tanks out by the house. Any chance to get free gear, is a good thing! Suddenly remembering Doc Brown, he [Marty] turned and ran toward the sprawled figure, still lying face down on the asphalt [of the parking lot].There were tears in Marty's eyes as he turned his friend over. You can actually buy bulletproof vests on Amazon.com Bulletproof vests are obviously worn by the police and the military but in recent years they have become essential for bodyguards, aid workers, private detectives, bounty hunters and even some business people and celebrities. This would be a great addition to my preparedness *kit. .44 Magnum, Guaranteed to keep their Ballistic Properties for 10 Years. (You Decide), Eisenhower’s Warning to US (Wake the F*** Up! Food Storage Inventory Spreadsheets You Can Download For Free. So cool! It looks sweet and being a prepared mother/wife is not easy but you do it well from my point of view. For example, the plate carrier in the photos above should be worn much higher. A bullet to the stomach won’t be a fun time, but it’ll be far less serious than taking a bullet to the heart or lungs. Deputy Inspector-General of Police Datuk Seri Acyrl Sani Abdullah Sani said apart from not wearing bulletproof vests, … Bulletproof vests and all other body armor can be purchased online or face-to-face. To *wear it* but not have it visible, simply hold the back button, click inventory, go to where it says vest or whatever and put it to none. If you are thinking of buying body armor like a bulletproof vest, aka a Kevlar vest, plate carrier, ballistic vest, or bulletproof clothing in general, keep in mind that you are investing in your safety, and your choice could be the difference between life and death. Would love to have this vest. Jamie dear. :), I’d love to win a vest in a smaller size. Although they’re one of the most common clothing items around, If you were never taught how to wear body armor and want to change this to ensure maximum survival in a, Before diving too deep into how to put on a, Instead, bulletproof vests are bullet-resistant. Be sure when you are getting a vest in the first place, that you get the right size! ^_^. The earliest form of body armor designed to resist bullets was developed in the 1500s, when soldiers realized that their traditional plate armor was not up to the recently introduced concept of the gun. The Best Bulletproof Vest At An Unbeatable Price. What a great giveaway! The second guide developed and written by the LDS has in-depth information on preparing your family and home to survive any number of disasters. But good luck to all who enter.. If you have to wear one, ballistic protection is more important than comfort. However, don’t start freaking out or feel embarrassed! However, the faster and sharper a bullet is, the higher chance you have of it making its way through the vest and into your body. i WOULD WEAR THE ENGARDE DUEL VEST. Build a #10 Can ROCKET STOVE: It Cooks an Entire Meal With Twigs! Thanks for such an awesome giveaway! And thanks for giving us all a chance to win one. This is extremely helpful, thank you so much for a great post! However, ANY body armor is better than what nature gave us, so I’d be happy with any of them. How about the fact that I look like I’m turning into a Vampire? I suppose that is why your little angel looks the way she does. You might not think you have any need for one now, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Please pick me!! A ballistic blanket would be my first choice. EnGarde Dual Use Vest would be my choice. Bulletproof vests are exceptionally great tools to own, and we recommend all preppers to get their hands on one if they haven’t already. Great givaway-thanks. Looks like a great product, would love to win one to try it out. Check out EnGarde’s FAQ section for any other questions you might have about body armor. If you get the optional Level IV hard armor plates and insert them into the vest it will stop rifle bullets. THAT WAY i WOULD GET MAXIMUM PROTECTION. The BulletSafe Bulletproof Vest is the best value in body armor. Thanks so much for the chance to get an awesome birthday gift! I thought John from Tactical Gear summed it up well, so I thought I would just share his comment…. Thank you for the great information and offering such an amazing giveaway. Best of luck to all who enter and thanks for the chance to win. This would be awesome to win! This giveaway starts now (Nov. 3rd), and ends on Tuesday, Nov. 11th at 10pm  (CST). Make sure the bottom of the vest is where your navel is located. Police officers often wear bulletproof vests. It simply uses its layers of strong fiber to stop and deform an oncoming bullet, compressing it into a dish shape, and weakening it by spreading out its force over a larger portion of the vest fiber. The winner will be notified by email and will have 24 hours to respond. A vest comfortable enough to wear affords more protection than a heavier vest left at home. Wear the clothes you’ll be wearing while measuring yourself. – John, Also, here’s a quick 2 minute video from AR 500 Armor that does an excellent job demonstrating how to wear a bullet proof vest…. He is going into the security field and I want him protected. Thanks for the chance to win! Bulletproof vests are one of the best ways for protecting your chest from firearms and other attacks, but believe it or not, there are a lot of preppers that don’t know how to wear a bulletproof vest. I appreciate everyone’s concerns, emails, tweets, comments, etc… So before anyone decides to sue me (which by the way you won’t get much, unless you’re looking for debt), I thought I would share the CORRECT way to wear a bullet proof vest! I’d love to add a new dimension to my preps. Be sure when you are getting a vest in the first place, that you get the right size! If you have to wear one, ballistic protection is more important than comfort. Thank you for this. The BulletSafe Bulletproof Vest - Level IIIA for $299. I knew I was Vitamin D deficient, but WOW, I seriously need to get out more! I’m finding it all very helpful and informative as I journey toward feeling more properly prepped! This is a great giveaway. Plus, my husband says wearing a shirt underneath is … Know exactly what you mean ;). Anyhow, I'm certainly happy…, © 2016 aboblist.com/Creekmore Springs LLC | All Rights Reserved, There’s no shortage of protective clothing items to choose from as, That may come as surprising news to some of you, but others are probably nodding along and starting to turn beet-red. Wearing a vest isn’t exactly a science, but there are a few things that you’ll want to keep an eye out for to ensure that you’re protecting your body as much as the vest will allow. I love the EnGarde DeLuxe Undergarment Vest in white! Our advice: It’s best the panels and carrier be laid flat to dry off in well ventilated places with no … If I could choose any, probably the panther. Alright, so the reason why you came here – how in the world do you properly wear a bulletproof vest? Because of current threats, I am providing FREE to you these two Highly Authoritative & Complete Guides that may help you better prepare for the difficult times that lie ahead. Thanks Amy. My birthday is this month and hubby does not (yet anyway) see the value in having body armor, so my chances of getting one for my birthday is limited to this great giveaway. The best bullet proof vest in the world is useless if it doesn’t fit properly or if it’s too uncomfortable to wear. Adults can buy and use bulletproof vests, except adults with felony conviction. to own, and we recommend all preppers to get their hands on one if they haven’t already. I need one of these badly! always better to be safe than sorry! You can best do so by having your officer wear a moisture-wicking shirt underneath the bulletproof vest. I need a big one with almost as many ex’s as Taylor Swift… haha! The nice thing about the internet is I can attempt to show my better side ;), I think that vest would look good on me i like that alot. Depending on the situation, additional protection for the arms, groin, neck and knees will also come in handy. Jamie – I forgot to add that I don’t think you look ANYTHING like a vampire! The EnGarde duel vest would be great! Actually, this one seems like a good choice. Sharon, I think I might want either the EnGarde DeLuxe Undergarment Vest or the EnGarde Puma… and don’t worry about wearing the thing wrong… at least you weren’t wearing it wrong when you NEEDED to wear it. I work at a range as a trainer and newby’s are notorious for thing’s that go oop’s, firing a rifle with the laser still in the barrel tube, having weapons they arn’t familar with so a glitch occurs and they start waving the weapon around trying to clear the thing, endless possibilities, a vest would help ensure I get to go home in the evening’s, lol, not funny but true, TY for the info and review…. So be sure to check your SPAM email folders. P.S. And yes, I’d like to win a vest like this. Could I seriously be more pale? A ballistic vest or bullet-resistant vest, often called a bulletproof vest, is an item of body armor that helps absorb the impact and reduce or stop penetration to the torso from firearm-fired projectiles and shrapnel from explosions. It provides level IIIA protection at an unbeatable price, just $299. IPOH:The late Corporal Baharuddin Ramli and Corporal Norihan Tari who was badly injured in the shooting incident at the Malaysia-Thailand border early yesterday morning did not wear bulletproof vests because they were conducting an intelligence work and not patrolling. It’s impossible to know what the future holds, and honestly, that should be reason enough to add one of these vests to your collection of items if you don’t own one. ), John Birch Society Racism? I would select the dual-use vest as it allows for the addition of hard plates. (Or Saviors of the US? I spend most of my money on guns and ammo, so I find it difficult to come up with the extra money to buy a vest. Pennsylvania does not have any additional body armor laws. What an awesome giveaway! Cover your vital organs (as much as possible). Even my survival will be chic! Thanks for the chance to win! Some discomfort is to be expected, but this convenience will be far outweighed by the fact that you get to live if a bullet happens to hit your vest. SIMPLIFIED: Food Storage • Emergency Prep • Survival Skills, HOME       ABOUT        >> START HERE <<       CONTACT. Before diving too deep into how to put on a bulletproof vest, it’s important to understand just how they work. Good to know that I’ll fit in somewhere when my vampire transformation is complete ;). would love to win the vest, please! And I adjusted my plate carrier for better protection so now I wear it correctly. I would love this! I’ve been looking at armor for a bit and it was always……. You still need to enact proper safety and concern when dealing with a threat, but should you get hit with a bullet, you’ll have considerable protection against it compared to if you weren’t wearing anything. Ballistic panels on a vest have multiple layers of fibers that allow it to be bulletproof, and if you throw a vest on a bed or area with it being all crumpled up, the fibers will form in a manner that they aren’t supposed to – potentially degrading the functionality of your vest. Like any article of clothing or tool, it’s important to keep your bulletproof vest in tip-top shape. I think the EnGarde Ballistic/Bomb blanket looks very interesting. Download the links above for FREE (no email needed). Having as much knowledge as possible about all of your gear will give you a better idea of how it was made and why it functions the way it does, and consequently, you’ll be much more comfortable with it out in the real world. As we’re just starting on our prepping journey, this would be a super helpful addition to our equipment! I like the option of protection up front with the ability to add more plating. This video shows a quick way to put on a bulletproof vest. If I could win any of their equipment, I think the ballistic blanket would be most helpful for my family and me. I pinned it but don’t know what a url is so couldn’t enter it. Would love to win this vest! The shirt can help absorb sweat and odor instead of it all going straight to the vest. Weighing Your Options 1. The winner of this contest will have a superb survival tool in their kit of essentials. Well, sometimes they do, here’s a picture of a president in a bulletproof vest: Wouldn’t it look strange if he walked around dressed like that all the time? To learn more, visit EnGarde on their website – EnGarde Body Armor. Oct. 27 (UPI) --Sacha Baron Cohen appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to discuss his new Borat film and how he had to wear a bulletproof vest … Thanks for the info. Good for you! And then I would add a patch that says “WRITER”. I would love to win this so I can give it to my husband as a Christmas/Anniversary gift! I keep looking though and then here you are! I looked at Engarde’s site and the patrol vest seems perfect. Wearing the plate carrier up higher may be more uncomfortable, especially for women. If you are wearing a larger, exterior vest, wear the uniform or clothes you’ll be wearing and then measure yourself. How To Buy A Bulletproof Vest. While bulletproof vests are also military equipment, so is it also illegal to buy a bulletproof vest privately and wear it in public? Create a barrier between skin and the vest. Thanks for taking time to read and comment! Figuring out how to fit…, where I live we dont have a natural gas line to houses. Thanks for always having interesting and such helpful prepping info (and I follow you on pinterest also). Wearing the plate carrier up higher may be more uncomfortable, especially for women. Thanks for the chance to win the vest! So true! If you’re not participating in night patrols through Helmand Province you might not need all that nifty molle webbing. For that reason, the proper determination of size and personal fitting is crucial when buying a bulletproof vest. Some vests have been designed with water-resistant materials that allow them to go through these conditions, but even so, avoiding water when you can is a good idea. Although they’re one of the most common clothing items around for preppers, that are a lot of people out there that have been wearing them wrong without any idea they’re doing so. NIJ 06 CERTIFIED STRUCTURE WILL STOP MULTIPLE ROUNDS OF VARIOUS HANDGUN THREATS. How to wear a bulletproof vest. Looks comfortable and secure for a long day of training or IDPA. You might not think you have any need for one now, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry. I have been watching many cop shows on HULU, mostly “The Shield”. It looks sharp under any suit coat or sports jacket … A stove plate acts as a makeshift bulletproof vest for Marty in 1885.. Mr. Strickland wears a bulletproof vest in 1985A. " Bulletproof vests are made out of either woven or non-woven fibers, and because of the way they’re put together, they stop a bullet from penetrating the vest in a very similar way to how a net stops a tennis ball in its tracks. WOULD LOVE TO WIN THIS PUPPY. ), The 5 Best Surgical Kits For Preppers (Stitch Like a Doc), How to Build a Fallout Shelter in Your Basement (Before the Bombs Go Off), Best Packing Cubes for Backpacks: Grab and Go. Most of us cannot afford this level of personal protection. For this everyday wear bulletproof vest, Spartan Armor Systems have joined forces with Contact Armor to produce this versatile bulletproof vest that can be worn anywhere from the gym to wherever you deem necessary. It is amazing to me that I have lasted this long because I have learned first hand that I am NOT bullet proof! It’s Not Actually Bulletproof. I’m working on being a prepared housewife, and I thank you for all you do on your site! Don’t let anyone bug you. Also, the specifics surrounding bulletproof vests and plate carriers are quite confusing for some people. A bulletproof vest causes a bullet to turn, slow down, and mushroom so that it never has a chance to hurt you. I would love to get a vest for my boyfriend! But the vest is a pretty close runner up. Thanks for the chance to win. I don’t do twitter and I really dislike facebook but I love pinterest! He was responding to questions raised by netizens on why the two General Operations Force (GOF) personnel from the Senoi Praaq team did not wear bulletproof vests … It is a large reservoir made by damning the Osage River in the northern part…, The term "survival kit" may possibly also refer to the larger, transportable survival kits ready by survivalists , referred to as "bug-out bags" (BOBs), "Individual Emergency Relocation Kits" (PERKs) or…, Hi! Personal armor seems unreachable right now, but maybe one day! Wearing a bullet proof vest incorrectly could cost you your life, so it’s critical that you wear it the way it was intended. Woot! Going to have to save that page to show a few people. Retail Value of this Vest is Around $750-800, Size Large & Color is Navy Blue (like pictured above), Genuine NIJ Level IIIA Dyneema® Soft Armor Panels, The Panels Stop Most Handgun Ammunition incl. Body Armor: Bulletproof Vest Vs Plate Carrier Bulletproof vests are what comes to the minds of many people whenever body armor is mentioned. Your email address will not be published. Let’s face it, if they were made for comfort we would be wearing them all the time. Wear it high! If you were never taught how to wear body armor and want to change this to ensure maximum survival in a  SHTF situation, keep reading on. The first thing to know is that you should never get your bulletproof vest wet. I would choose the EnGuarde Deluxe concealable body armor for a sleeker look. Plus, I can’t believe anyone even noticed I was wearing it wrong. I'm a Texas wife & mom of 4. Adjust the side straps so that they are even, then adjust the top straps. I could really use this vest to complement the rest of my preps. This armour may come in a soft form, as worn by many police officers, prison guards, security guards and some private citizens (e.g. Bulletproof vests are of different grades, depending on the material from which they are made and on their thickness. Contest Now CLOSED Win an EnGarde Bullet Proof Vest (Worth $750): As mentioned earlier, a bulletproof vest is a significant investment, and you need a durable product when you pay for one. Thanks for the chance to win! Jamie, even wearing it wrong, you still made it look good! This bulletproof vest is made from American made materials and assembled at a warehouse in Tucson, Arizona. If it’s too large the vest won’t fit well and tend to slip, while if it’s too small the vest may expose your vital organs to injury. Let me know when I win ;) Thanks for the chance! I would get the Engardo deluxe because the duel function of being antistab as well as bullet proof. This spreads the force it exerts on the armor panel across a larger area that the strong ballistic fibers can slow down and stop before it completely penetrates the armor panel. Bulletproof vests and other body armor can be bought face to face or online. We have just started prepping and have set a monthly budget of $25 (my husband is currently unemployed). Hope you never need it either, but still nice to have around. It is a great giveaway and a great way to learn more about body armor and way to wear it correctly. Visit Prepared Housewives profile on Pinterest. I would like to have the Ballistic Blanket. I really like the dual use one. Almost as high as possible to cover the majority of your chest cavity. Would love to win the EnGarde Puma. T.R.U.S.T with Level IV plates! There’s no such thing that’s totally bulletproof, but bulletproof vests help to drastically rescue the impact of shots that would otherwise cause serious bodily harm. Love the vest, no matter how you wear it! Wear it high! You might be traversing some woods and come across a creek that you need to tread through, but before you even think about doing this, you need to take off your vest if you’re wearing one. Body armor encompasses all wear that protects you against ballistic threats. You have such a beautiful family, love your picture! Pick me! Obviously, quality and durable bulletproof vests will have a price tag that is on the higher end. For starters, did you know that bulletproof vests aren’t actually “bulletproof”? Alright, so the reason why you came here – how in the world do you properly wear a bulletproof vest? A basic guideline is to wear the vest one inch below the clavicle notch.
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