The distinctive black diamond crape myrtle has dark purple - almost black leaves - and comes in three shades of red, blush and pure white blooms. Black Diamonds are a revolutionary new series of crape myrtles that provide unique beauty to your landscape and instant yard envy for your neighbors. When planted Black Diamond Crepe Myrtle bushes, it add vibrant colour to your garden. The Diamonds in the Dark series of Crepe Myrtles have a deep purple leaf - in fact, it is almost black in colour, As with all Crepe Myrtles, the black foliage is followed by a fabulous display of vibrant blooms in summer. Expand the mulch to include a curved bed 15 feet from the corner of your house. FROM: $149.99 SET YOUR STORE. Available in Stores. The blooms of the Blush Black Diamond come in a very light, pale pinkalmost white at timeswhich offset the intense hues of the dark leaves. Pot size guide -Qty + Add to Cart. Black Diamond. Item code: 9331225313493P. Please set your store before adding product to cart.? Monday - Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm EST 3705 New Bern Ave. Raleigh, NC 27610 Phone: (919) 231-6161 Fax: (919) 231-7688 When planted en masse Diamonds in the Dark® Blush creates a vibrant show of colour.Diamonds in the Dark® are a revolutionary new range of … Flawless black foliage emerges in early spring followed by masses of brilliant jewel-toned blooms that last until the first frost. Diamonds in the Dark® Crepe Myrtle features black foliage in the early spring, then, followed by soft baby pink flower from summer until frost. When planted en masse the Diamonds in the Dark® Blush creates a vibrant show of colour. Lagerstroemia Indica – Diamonds in the Dark are a revolutionary new Crepe Myrtle with stunning near-black foliage that sprouts in early spring, followed by masses of blooms in Summer. Order Blush Crape Myrtle from the experts at Nature Hills today. Lagerstroemia indica Diamonds In The Dark 'Blush' - Crepe Myrtle. See more ideas about black diamond, crape myrtle, myrtle. We are so excited to see a new range of Crepe Myrtle available in South Australia. Use Blush as an anchor in your foundation planting. Apr 18, 2020 - Diamonds in the Dark® Blush Lagerstroemia indica features near-black foliage that emerges in early spring, followed by masses of soft baby pink blooms from summer until first frost. Blush features flawless near-black foliage that emerges in early spring, followed by masses of vivid red blooms from summer until first frost. May 20, 2019 - Where to find Black Diamond Crape Myrtles online. Black Diamond Crape Myrtle Blushes grow in zones 7-10. Diamonds in the Dark® are a revolutionary new range of Crepe Myrtles (Lagerstroemias). READ MORE It looks showy and sweet for most of the year. These trees prefer full sun, but can tolerate some shade and are adaptable to just about any soil as long as it is well-draining. As foliage starts to die off in Autumn stunning orange and red tones will come through before the foliage drops. How to Use Black Diamond® Blush™ Crape Myrtle in the Landscape. The Black Diamond Crape Myrtle variety represents the first series of true dark-leafed crape myrtles. The bright blooms of the Black Diamond reach their productivity peak during the summer and fall months.
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