In both Australia and New Zealand, Open Brethren have been embarrassed by negative publicity surrounding the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church, a hardline branch of the Exclusive Brethren (and the only Exclusive group to exist in significant numbers in either country), which some defectors have accused of being a cult. Plymouth Brethren (Exclusive Brethren) Christian Church, 100 Wharf Rd, Ermington, NSW, 2115, AUSTRALIA AU Phone: 1300 780 858 | AU Fax: 1300 780 857 While it is difficult to come up with solid numbers, it is estimated that there are about one million people who identify themselves as Brethren. 1. MOST Brethren assemblies in New Zealand now have a Pastor. 2. The charismatic movement is now WIDELY accepted — and in some cases actively promoted — in Brethren circles. Like Aliester Crowley, an influential 20th century occultist I was raised in an Exclusive or Plymouth Brethren group. No, the Plymouth Brethren are not a cult. The Plymouth Brethren believe the Holy Bible is the true Word of God and we believe we are each called upon to live a life in accordance with its instructions. The supreme leader of the Exclusive Brethren church has flown in to New Zealand on a private jet, sources say. Northland Auckland Waikato Thames, Coromandel & Bay of Plenty East Coast North Island A similar number resides in Britain, and New Zealand also has a sizeable population. A year ago, six big bus coaches full of Brethren from Australia and New Zealand visited fellow Brethren in Manitoba as part of a cross-country tour. Overview. Assemblies By Region . Not long ago, I listened to an address by a Brethren preacher at a major Brethren conference. New Zealand | Crime 'Will of God' denied: Exclusive Brethren who killed brother in Wairoa crash gets home detention, despite church's plea 2 Jul, 2019 10:39 PM 5 minutes to read Answer: The various churches of the Plymouth Brethren movement are independent, conservative, and evangelical. We believe the Holy Bible provides each of us with invaluable guidance to every aspect of life. Plymouth Brethren are now headquartered in Australia, which has about 15,000 members. Anyone prepared to commit to these beliefs and way of life is welcome to join our Church. Some even allow women to preach and serve as elders. Plymouth Brethren Christian Church have lodged a complaint that relates to a number of headlines appearing in theManawatu Standard and Stuff, and an alleged breach of Principle 6.It is also said that there is a breach of Principle 7, discrimination and diversity.. Background. Some prefer to just be known as Christians, to avoid any connotation of denominationalism. Established for over 180 years, the Brethren are a mainstream Christian Church that has more than 300 autonomous assemblies in 18 countries around the world and whose members extensively engage with the wider community on a daily basis. The Exclusive Brethren are an evangelical protestant Christian church related to the Christian or Open Brethren, according to the BBC website on world religion and ethics.
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