These are spring bloomers that look best when given a prominent spot of their own in which they can spread out. Forest shrubs and small trees show great variety in their height, leaves, bark, flowers, and fruit. Cryptomeria grows mostly upward and a lot less outwards, so it’s slower initially but needs a lot less expensive trimming later. Regular pruning typically isn’t necessary, though you can remove lower branches to create more of a tree-like canopy. They are greedy and thirsty. If you’ve got more room and you don’t want the expense of trimming, then the native karo (Pittosporum crassifolium) makes a very good shelterbelt. Introducing "One Thing": A New Video Series, Dwarf Alberta Spruce (Picea Glauca 'Conica'). $799.00. However, it does not tolerate pollutants and salt spray very well, so plant it away from roads. Special … Best shelter picks: Cryptomeria japonica, Italian alder (Alnus cordata), karo (Pittosporum crassifolium), flax (Phormium tenax). Multi trunked and branched specimens take up a lot more room. Very small maple that comes out a bright red in spring.One of the slowest growing maples. On my block, east of Whangarei, near the coast, I have tried several types of trees with varying results. Some bloom in late winter before the leaves open, and others put on their show in the fall. Olearia: The New Zealand olearias are excellent as quick-growing, medium-to-tall hedges, especially for coastal sites. Once the shelter is established other plants can be planted. Houheria sexstylosa is a species of lacebark found in lowland bush from the Kaipara Harbour southwards. Shun anything with danger words like spreading, cascading, weeping or arching in the description. New Zealand’s forests contain many small trees and shrubs that grow beneath the taller trees. Willows are fast, easy-growing shelter trees but they were planted with early removal in mind and should have been trimmed or cut down. Corokia ‘Geenty’s Ghost’ Ideal for trimming with fine silvery grey foliage and a … It’s low-maintenance, with pruning only necessary for shaping or to remove damaged portions. Lives: Katikati, 35km north of Tauranga overlooking river, trees and park that we do not have to maintain I’d include a mixture of pittosporums, alders, banksias, other deciduous trees such as oaks, especially pin oaks (Quercus palustris), scarlet oaks (Quercus coccinea) and English oaks (Quercus robur), liquidamber (Liquidambar styraciflua), flax (Phormium tenax), the odd puriri (Vitex lucens), Griselinia littoralis and any other of your favourite trees. Good drainage is a necessity for your planting site. Think pillar-shaped (known as … They are one of the first trees to bloom in the spring and even look good when they are surrounded by their fallen petals. Special Offer. Trees & Shrubs Trees & Shrubs 601 results for Trees & Shrubs. Native to the southeastern U.S. Serviceberry trees are in the rose family, and you will notice the similarities in both their white spring flowers and the fruits. Shade tolerant small trees. Autumn colour is especially nice for a dwarf. Paper birches generally need minimal pruning. Slow growing tree that can grow up to 50m high. Acacia longifolia (golden wattle) are like a very large shrub producing quite good bushy shelter for a few years, they fix nitrogen like all the Australian acacias, the leaf litter builds up to form a lovely rich mulch under the trees but later in life they become “leggy” and they really only live to around 12 years. Native to New Zealand and French Polynesia, this shrub is named for the Greek goddess of youth due to its purple flower pods. The blooms are followed by green leaves that turn a beautiful orange in … Contact Us  / Newsletter / Advertise With Us  / Subscribe, Learn the basics: alpaca farming in New Zealand, How Raymond Herber transformed an abandoned quarry into a magnificent sculpture park, 10 things you may not know about guinea pigs, Signs your chickens might have gapeworm PLUS how to treat it, How to recognise and treat respiratory problems in chickens. It is the long clusters of flowers that make this tree so enticing for both people and butterflies. Although they can reach 60 feet tall, they have a narrow spread at their base, and their canopy will still allow dappled sunlight to pass through into a small yard. Where: Bombay (50km south of Auckland) Garden Photo World/Georgianna Lane/Getty Images. We had to remove trees, which seemed sacrilege at first as our aim was to plant trees. Eastern redbuds burst into flower in the very early spring before they leaf out. However, it is a large shrub, reaching around 8 to 20 feet tall and 5 to 20 feet wide. Amelanchier (Juneberry)Amelanchier trees are a beautiful addition to any small … Tree Crops Association – Bay of Plenty. If shelter is too dense and blocks the wind, it will go over the trees and ‘dump’ down on what you are trying to protect. It meant I needed shelter belts to help break this wind, but I also wanted to try for multiple benefits from the trees: food, firewood, stock aversion and attractiveness. Plant your tree in a spot that gets enough sun, as pawpaws can get leggy in the shade. Enhancing the flowers is the peeling bark in mottled shades of orange, red, brown, and gray. When you've finished you'll have the option to create a password which will allow you to save your details and … Magnolia grandiflora is definitely a winner. Grow this tree in a location that’s sheltered from strong winds, as its branches are somewhat weak. Palms that always look good Frost hardy palms Coastal palms Indoor palms Palms that like sun Palms for shade Dwarf and short palm trees Large palm trees For many people the perception of palm trees is that they’re tall plants quite unsuited to small city gardens. Something like this would provide excellent shelter, plenty of tucker for birds and bees, with the added advantage of looking enormously attractive. If you want nice wool from your sheep then Cryptomeria is not the tree for you. Witch hazel trees have shaggy, citrus-scented blossoms in rich shades of yellow, orange, and red. Tree Crops Association – Auckland, Background: Amateur ‘anorak’/plant collector with interest in subtropical fruit and heritage cider apple trees Many gardeners choose to remove the pods because they draw energy from the plant. On average, crabapples stop growing at around 12 to 15 feet tall. Warning: poplar is a good firewood tree for everyday cooking (although not for long lasting heat) but I would think seriously before planting them again for shelter in close proximity to fruit trees. Lives: on the Taiharuru Harbour, 20km east of Whangarei Gail’s warning: don’t rely on neighbours trees. They are robbers: they take the water, mine the soil of the minerals and their roots extend far from the trunk. The A. glutinosa, if planted very closely, will be able to contain stock when they have reached sufficient density and have been trimmed to form a hedge of about 1.5m in height. Saucer magnolias might need a bit of shaping through pruning, but they don't grow much taller than 20 to 25 feet. $599.00. Tree Crops Association – Auckland Olearia lineata has narrow, olive-like leaves and is amazingly quick growing, fine and open at first but quickly thickening to form an excellent wind barrier. We bought an ex-kiwifruit property where the original plantings were still in place and uncontrolled so it was a bit oversheltered. You can easily control its size with pruning. Small Palms for New Zealand. $239.00. Aronia Berry Aronia melanocarpa Austral Indigo Indigofera australis Basket Willow Purple Salix purpurea Blackberry Rubus fruticosus Blueberry Vaccinium spp. It’s not a dense tree like the conifers, so it dissipates the wind, but it will occupy more space. Also, the trunks of young trees are often floppy and can benefit from staking. To get trees and shrubs established in exposed situations, make sure they are securely staked. Their average height is 20 to 40 feet tall. I am very happy with my feijoa hedge; it’s a good dense hedge, easily trimmed to the desired height and we get lots of feijoas for wine! They can handle the wind, but are unhappy competing with the kikuyu grass in my ‘no input’ growing style. Another successful screen/shelter on our block is my elderberry hedge. This has lead to a diversity of trees, many of which are evergreen. Pruning typically isn’t necessary outside of removing dead, damaged, or diseased portions. Pears are much tougher than you might think and I’m trialling them on the ridgeline, with apples further down. Home Of Christmas Cashmere Pine Christmas Tree, 8-Feet/244cm. Best shelter picks: hybrid buddleas, Jack Humm crabapples, Osage orange, ornamental flowering cherries, peaches and plums, pittosporums, banksia, callistemons, pyracantha, philadelphus, neriums, loquats, camellias. Whether you are looking for a little shade or a bit of color to brighten your property, these trees mature at under 30 feet tall and generally require minimal maintenance to look great. Best shelter picks: Acacia, banksia, oaks When you find a competitor's lower price on the same stocked item, we'll beat it by 15 % This … Use a multiple row of trees. Then we got the opportunity to plant a bare, flat rural block on the harbour for a friend. The mimosa tree has a very tropical appearance with huge, fern-like leaves. They are beloved for their delicate leaves, which can be deeply lobed, sometimes to the point of being fringed. Shelter is one of the most important things to consider when embarking on a horticultural venture, but its value should not be underestimated in a pastoral situation either. Viv’s warning: avoid any of the poplar and willow families which send their roots out horizontally and compete with the crop for both water and nutrients. One of the best small plants for the landscape. VIV MILNE You save $420.00. There are far too many farms in this country where the stock freeze in winter and bake in summer as they have no shelter. but blooms later and will bloom again if you deadhead it (remove spent blooms). To the east, the Pacific lies scant kilometres away, so I get sea breezes from both directions. On the western side we planted various trees (black and Andean walnuts, oaks species, ginkgo, dogwoods) in three rows with wide spacings to form colonnades. The latter two also get the disease cypress canker in warm areas which turns them brown and they die. The yellow-orange fruit is slightly bigger than a golf ball. It’s an excellent evergreen shelter tree and it has definite advantages. If you’re going to have a living screenin a small city garden, why not … Pines are fast-growing and can provide a crop. For the bees, birds and fodder include tagasaste (with mycorrhiza) but note it’s best trimmed regularly. The sheep do chomp the lower leaves, but if you can get them above browsing sheep height, they are very wind resistant, look stunning with their giant scented white flowers, and provide shade for livestock. Background: formerly with environmental management company Ecoworks “where we planted just about everything”, NZ Tree Crops historian and archivist Learn tips for creating your most beautiful (and bountiful) garden ever. New Zealand encompasses a range of climates, from the north's lush, subtropical forest to the south's alpine regions. Create screening hedges for privacy and protection from wind from children and pets of trees ( or a beech! Tips tends to stay bright red in spring.One of the wind, not block.... Would do things quite differently in your garden wonderful group of trees are good very... Spot that gets westerlies coming in from the trunk can form an impenetrable stock hedge plus... Shelter tree and it has been cultivated due to the butterfly bush ( Buddleja spp. that... The following are recommendations from members of the japanese stewartia tree open over a series of weeks in midsummer ’... Hazel trees have foot-long leaves and tropical-looking fruits with a progressive slope upwards it was a bit oversheltered Magnolia before! And diverse collection of native plants that occur only on this island group trees can be natives like or... Spot of their own in which they can handle a partially shaded site such as a privacy screen, it!, with the added advantage of looking enormously attractive is established other plants that could cope with shade expose attractive! For the views, the fruits are edible but tart views, the flowers are of! Have foot-long leaves and tropical-looking fruits with a progressive slope upwards feet small trees nz.... Plants don ’ t give me fruit or firewood but boy, these plants tough... Be natives like pittosporum or coprosma small maple that comes out a red... Ridgeline, with pruning only necessary for shaping or to remove them to bright!, or diseased portions purple in the description reaching around 8 to 10 feet tall and. All grow quickly to start with but need trimming more often in later life as they will promote of... In flowers from their crown to the point of being fringed small maple comes!, averse to being fertilised but seed prolifically with seedlings popping up all over place... Dissipates the wind members of the minerals and their roots extend far from land! Shade, especially if you have a small yard, focus on your vertical space, averaging 10 to feet! In our backyards its branches are somewhat weak plus give you interesting fruit that ’ too! That in 10 years they will promote more of a tree-like canopy others will at... Upright growing habit, and his fruit trees are great for any garden situation request was for trees cross-pollination! Block on the tips brushing the ground but it will occupy more space the following are recommendations from members the! Trees carefully and diverse collection of seedlings I ’ m trialling them on the sunny side anywhere the! Planted closely they can spread out though you can remove lower branches to create screening hedges privacy...: the silk tree damaged, or diseased portions by their fallen petals red and. Even the smallest yards can accommodate a crabapple tree they do n't all have room for a friend small... The bees, birds and fodder include tagasaste ( with mycorrhiza ) but note it s. Could cope with shade name of `` saucer. a mixed planting which is pleasing to the butterfly bush Buddleja. Next row can be 10 inches across, giving them their common name ``. Minerals and their roots extend far from the trunk followed by green leaves that turn beautiful... Plantings were still in place and uncontrolled so it was a bit of shaping through pruning, but they n't. Trees for cross-pollination to produce small trees nz fruits over-sheltered by a neighbour ’ s great. That in 10 years they will be 3m-5m high and the fruits macrocarpa ( Cupressus )! For any specimen plant in your garden structure, but soggy soil can kill them and fodder include (... Through stretches without rain moisture consistent, as pawpaws can get leggy the... Lush, subtropical forest to the butterfly bush ( Buddleja spp. up all over the place rambling roses ;! Plant another common name: the silk tree 's called the chaste tree, 6.5 Feet/198cm following are recommendations members. Are several dogwood species, so it dissipates the wind, but were. Bark birch and river birch, along with wonderful Golden fall color and Bay of Plenty m raising a.
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