Thanks! The calorie count for these Instant Pot Egg Bites comes in at just 82 calories per bite, which I think is more than reasonable for a delicious, protein packed treat. Enjoy! When I first started recipe testing, I used a much higher cheese to egg ratio – 1 ½ cups of shredded cheese for every 4 eggs. Do you have any suggestions? Absolutely hands down a home run recipe. I’m now doing bulk prep for them (and other dishes) on the weekends, so these can be ready really quickly on busy weekday mornings. Could you tell me what amounts Tobias for the bacon and Gruyere recipe? How do you keep the jars submerged? Thank you for the recipe. Hi Erin, thanks so much for this! Alina, I have a steam insert for a regular stove top pot. Finely chopped broccoli microwaved for just a minute to soften; Your email address will not be published. What are the Best Sous Vide Egg Bite Toppings Many people choose to mix the toppings directly into the egg mixture as the eggs are blended. Then, when I’m feeling hungry, they just need a quick 30-seconds in the microwave. Any tips on getting the perfect copycat shape you seem to have in your picture? So good! I stacked two molds on top of each other, each covered with foil, crimped around the edges to keep water out. "text": "In a separate bowl, whisk the eggs." Mine puffed up so much and the covers were half off! 1 banana "cookTime": "PT60M", Seems tricky to lift a mold full of eggs into the Instant Pot without spilling! These are GREAT! They can also be frozen and reheated in the microwave for 1 ½ - 2 minutes. I used Turkey sausage mozzarella, cottage cheese and spinach.. so quick and easy ..this has become a new go to for me. Honestly, I’m not sure. This works perfectly well, but my preference is to keep the mixture basic and then top the cooked egg bites with various toppings. "prepTime": "PT10M", They are yummy though! George. Nor ricotta. I have tried two batches since I got my silicone inserts and they both turned out beautifully. Soooo much cheaper and easy to make! I just made the broccoli cheddar ones and they were delightful! I loosened them with a spatula before they cooled. That’s why I love making them at home , Good to know about the hot sauce. You mention the Rice starch in the ingredients, but not in the recipe? I have made oven omlets with yogurt and that turns out supper yummy. Let’s just say I’ve been eating way, way too many of these sous vide egg bites lately…. Much easier!! Hi Marissa – I used full fat cottage cheese for this recipe. These egg bites are incredible, and making them at home cost a fraction of the price. I have been a big fan of the SB bacon and gruyere ones and I am happy to have found a suitable substitution! Is there a substitute I can use for rice starch? , from a broiler ? Hi Stacy – I don’t taste it at all… but I’m not very sensitive to the flavor. WINNER! These are THE easiest and BEST recipe I have found! If the eggs are watery, probably the foil lid wasn’t crimped around the edges of the mold and steam (= water) got into your eggs. Also, I’ll only fill the mould 3/4 full to see if that fixes the problems. Sorry, I was just reading all the reviews and saw this one of yours. Your recipe is amazing. Hi Karin – I’ve not personally stacked them, but I have had comments from many others who have done so successfully. Darn it. "recipeCategory": "appetizer", The only thing I did wrong was blend the spinach with the eggs, so they turned out green. Thèse turned out delicious – I used a sous vide to cook them though, not the instant pot. My normal go-to at Starbucks is their, , but I’d been hearing a lot about their sous vide egg bites lately, so I decided to give their. We just adjust and add veggies and meats to our liking. An hour goes by then I take the jars out and they are still mostly uncooked. Hi Cassity – I haven’t tried this myself, but I believe others have said that they use 8 egg whites in place of the 4 eggs. I love them!! This gave it a nice firmness with some gooey melted cheese pockets when I cut into my bites. Will let you know how they turn out!! It is probably user error, but I followed this recipe exactly except I used all egg whites and it came out SO watery. Can you help? It is smooth but taste is awesome!! Before i try your recipe, can you tell me if your egg bites are as spongey as StarBucks? I would cook on MANUAL high pressure for the time stated. Tastes just like Starbucks and it’s so easy! Another question I have is couldn’t the same in results be accomplished using a good quality old-fashioned pressure cooker? I used a variety of fillings in each. Made the bacon gruyere version of these as specified and they weren’t nearly cheesy flavored enough (at least as compared to the Starbucks version), and that included using good quality gruyere… If I try them again I’ll probably double the gruyere…. I used your base recipe: 4 eggs, 1/2 cup Greek yogurt, two tablespoons Chipotle Chiles diced, and diced red pepper. I don’t have an IP but would still really like to try this recipe out! Does anyone have a specific way of freezing? Do you broil or blowtorch yours, or just have them unbrowned? Today’s add ins were diced ham, green onions, and sharp cheddar. There are a lot of Starbucks copycat egg bites recipes on the internet. I’ve tried making these twice and my instant pot always says burn before the 10 minutes is complete. I was shocked to say the least. My husband loved them as much as I did, I’ll definitely be making these again. Fill and cover, and it’s easy to lower into the pot using the trivet handles. Hi Then I turned the heat off and left the lid on for another 5 minutes. Awesome – Thanks so much for sharing your results Ira! If you do bake them in ramekins do you still recommend covering tightly with foil or uncovered? I plan on making this in the next few days. I made the Anova version of this recipe. Float. . Made these for the first time today. Do you include the cottage cheese in every flavor combo? Will they be done in an hour or should I start the hour when the temp returns to 172? They first time I made it, the egg bites came out perfect! Why cottage cheese? I’d love to hear back on how they turned out! They were pretty dense and flattened out when I took them out of the instapot. They come out great, no issues at all. Oh. While the taste good they do not look the same as Starbucks. is egg whites the issue? I don’t have the machine needed to cook these so I improvised. Note that it will take about 5 minutes for the pressure to build, and then the countdown timer will begin. I wonder if SB whips the egg whites a bit before blending? On my first attempt, I blended up the eggs with the cheeses and then stirred in my add-ins. I just made these for the first time today. Then just pop them in the SV to cook when you’re ready. Can also eat soft mozzarella balls (!?!). Starbucks Egg White Bites with red pepper are a tasty and healthy breakfast. Look more like small omelets. "text": "Grease the sides of the mason jar with a touch of your favorite oil, or use cooking spray." The tray on the bottom were lovely, but the ones on top didn’t set up right and were runny and really ugly. Have you ever had an issue with the egg bites coming out of the silicone egg bite mold? I can’t wait to try this recipe! I decided to steam them because it lets the egglette stay upright with a perfect shape when you remove them. The only modifications were that I used fresh red pepper and 8 egg whites. Eggs are my favorite food on the planet, and I was so pumped to get a protein-y egg bite with my morning latte. Find out how to make the best sous vide egg white bites with this easy copycat recipe. Set the temp to 172. When do you add the feta cheese and about how much? cuidado on mason jars– I put a bigger batch in a larger jar for my maiden voyage. Just a thought; maybe your instant pot isn’t sealing, and the water is just boiling off before it can pressure lock. Hmm… I’m not sure Michele. Would that just change the consistency otherwise flavor would be similar? How much feta should I use? The bites weren’t particularly spicy, and since it’s last on the ingredient list, it’s safe to assume they used just a drop or two. Please give it a try and give me your best answer to this question! Hello! Do you happen to have other recipes i could access. I new to the IP and need the exact measurements. It is a fantastic option to prepare ahead for the busy work week. Hope that helps! . These are Starbucks's new Top Chef-style concoctions created, I assumed, to make you expire less early than if … Hi, is it ok to use stainless steel molds instead of silicone? I’ve made these several times, and they have always turned out perfect – until today. Great for a work snack. Thank you for all the work you have put into this! By the way, I made “egg bites” with my Sous Vide circulator and I wasn’t totally happy with it I think these will work out just fine. I used the 4 oz mason jars as suggested. First time on your blog. Added the bacon, pulses blender briefly. When did you add the cottage cheese to the bacon / gruyere? . I am refrigerating mine for the morning right on the mold. Silicone? I’ve used both my Anova Precision Cooker and my Tribest Sousvant and they’ve come out perfectly! Not quite as good as Starbucks, but close enough! So, Idk how good this can be frozen.. Didn’t realize I would have to scroll down so far! I LOVE these and have made them many times. Thanks!! – Both Starbucks items have salt as an ingredient, but neither recipe does. Please give me an idea of what you think might work. Instant Pot Sous Vide Egg Bites are just like the ones you’d find at Starbucks. And at almost $5 a pop, they’re expensive. Great recipe though! Erin – do you ever stack your egg bite molds in the IP? Divide the egg & … Did I let them sit in there too long? Thanks! If you prefer your eggs to be firmer, experiment with different temperatures and cooking times. Place the eggs back in the Instant Pot and give it an additional 3 minutes cooking time. These are amazing!! The other thing is the Steam setting on my Instant Pot does not pressurize as there was nothing to vent. Hopefully someone else reads this and can help. Any thoughts?! They look so good I’d like to give them a try! I still like the SB version, but I will have to experiment a little more. Can’t wait to try them. So many ways to tweak them! I also substituted ricotta cheese for the cottage cheese and followed your directions. I noticed some seemed filled with extra water when I took them out but because they weren’t bobbing around in water, the shape was great and they dumped right out. Thanks for the feedback Jen – I’m so happy to hear that you liked them! 2) I usually salt to taste. Oh, and I made these this morning for my 80 something parents and my millennial kids and their spouses and they were a big hit! A bit frustrating. Once the temp reached 172 I put the jars in the cooker I put the lid on then set timer to one hour. "recipeIngredient": [ Fold in the Cottage cheese, Monterrey jack cheese, red pepper, rice starch, spinach and green onions. I sprayed my muffin pan with nonstick olive oil and set it inside the cake pan. Maybe they need a couple minutes longer? I have two molds (double the recipe) so I cover each with foil and use 3 mason jar lids as a spacer between the molds. So delicious! Thank you. sometimes I add sauted onions, mushrooms, or a touch of diced tomatoes, and always some salt and pepper to taste. These egg bites are a simple recipe of surprising ingredients that are easy to make ahead and reheat throughout the week. I’m new to using the Instant Pot, and maybe I missed it in the recipe, but on the Ultra model on the Steam selection, do I use None, Low, or High Pressure? Perfectly cooked cage-free egg whites prepared using the French "sous vide" technique result in a velvety texture bursting with flavor. I made them last night so they would be ready to pop in the microwave this morning. You are SO welcome Bonnie – Thanks for stopping by! Thank you. Followed your method and husband loves them too!!! Like I said, I’m confused! I also added a dash of chili flakes. You might try using 6 eggs instead of 4. I made the first one with cheddar, sundried tomatoes and dried Italian spice blend, the second one was Jarlsberg and cooked broccoli. HELP!? I tried stacking them, but it didn’t turn out well. Loved these. Thanks so much in advance. Each one of them holds 4 ounces (for size information). Hi Lily – I usually use jarred peppers, but oven roasted would work too. These should not have the term Sous Vide in the recipe at all. Thanks again this recipe is a keeper. The texture is leaps and bounds better than baked egg bites (I hate spongey eggs) and while not as silky as Starbucks/sous vide, still really tasty! When I try and remove them from the silicone cup they fall apart. Do you have to cook the bacon first – and then add to the egg mixture? You don’t a soys vide machine! I’m sorry this happened for you Maureen. “Must haves” include: I got the IP red Silicone Egg bite insert. Mine turned into a big blob that molded together at the top of the silicone mold (I wish I could show you a pic to see what I mean). How would you recommend achieving the same results? ], I thought I bet I could make these in instant pot for home. I compared both and SB is definitely more salty and flavorful. These were DEF creamy. The way I worked around that is by creating a moist and humid environment in the … Thanks! Thank you! Be sure to check out my popular guides on the best sous vide machines, vacuum sealers, and cookbooks. Hi Ira – I haven’t tested this myself, so I can’t guarantee the results, but I would try using 8 egg whites. "text": "Seal the jars with the lids." I’m not sure. "@type": "HowToStep", Should I try 3 eggs instead of 4? Thank you. I will admit I was skeptical at 1st about the comments cheese come up but I think it really makes the recipe work! "recipeInstructions": [{ There are so many recipes out there for sous vide egg bites, and it took me a while to get these Instant Pot Sous Vide Egg Bites just the way I wanted. Awesome recipe! Will try some different flavor combinations soon. Thanks for the tip on reheating them Kristi! They were warm and creamy, and I couldn’t help but think that they must be super healthy too, since they’re basically carb free and packed with protein. But you’ll see in the comments that many others have made some great substitutions! I wound up using them on toast, but still…. Any suggestions? I’m sure the cheese made a difference. Egg White and Roasted Red Pepper. So far I’ve made the green chile/pepper jack; broccoli/cheddar; and basil/sun dried tomato version. I love how uniform they come out, and I can meal-prep in order to make breakfast times very fast in the mornings. Find out more about affiliate links and how they help this site.. I’m looking to make them at home, even though I don’t have a sous vide machine. Hey, I’m Joe – also know as the Sous Vide Wizard. My normal go-to at Starbucks is their Spinach & Feta Egg White Wrap, but I’d been hearing a lot about their sous vide egg bites lately, so I decided to give their Egg White & Red Pepper bites a try. Hi! I steamed them for another 4 minutes and they were better but still kind of wet and crumbly. These are so good! I’ve found many recipes out there for these and only one mentioned stacking. Hope that helps! These are VERY good. I have an electric pressure cooker. Sometimes, if the plastic ring gets just a little bit off track it can make things go wrong. Great overall texture and density!! Within 20 minutes I’m sick as a dog. Do you think that was the problem? Be sure to try these Instant Pot Hard Boiled Eggs and Instant Pot Deviled Eggs too! Hi Allison – Unfortunately I haven’t had this problem myself. Thank you so much for this precise recipe. Maybe it’s really obvious, but the recipe doesn’t state to add water to the base, so suggest adding that as a step in the instructions. How do they get the light brown color? I don’t see why you wouldn’t be able to bake these using the above recipe. Sad face . Thanks for these. Hi Raquel – I used the steam button. Can you tell me what kind of cottage cheese you used? and 2) do you have to spray the mold with oil before adding eggs? I’ve never tried the sous vide function, but for these I would go with the steam function. You could try this recipe but with the method from This Old Gal. Return the lid, close the oven and turn the oven off. Thanks for the reply. I made three different recipes last night (roasted red pepper, green chili and bacon) and reheated this morning for a birthday breakfast with coworkers. on the ingredients list above the sized recipes, I see feta, but no mention in the actual recipe. After the time is up, I let the pressure release naturally for 10 minutes before removing the. I like the variety of the recipe and the fact they can be refrigerated or frozen. Any suggestions? I’d love to hear your results. Thank you. Made them in my IP Duo 6 qt. I looked at their menu and noticed all of their bites seem to include Monterey Jack cheese and Sriracha sauce. I haven’t tried yet in the sous vide, but they’re so easy in the Instant Pot! Mine did this, too, except I followed the recipe exactly. Hi Wendy – On my model, it only gives me the option of STEAM – Low, Normal, or More, and I use NORMAL. Hi, I used a “silicone muffin tin” I got on Amazon specifically for these egg bites. Any thoughts? I used this recipe and used gruyere in place of Monterey Jack and 2 slices of cooked bacon chopped. It fits in the Instant Pot pretty nicely and easily. I use 2 molds every time, and I don’t add more steam time. This recipe worked perfectly the first time I used it — we love these little bites! I bought the egg mold you recommended and the only thing I did was use egg whites instead of whole eggs (totally personal preference). The lid popped off when they puffed up in the IP. So happy to have come across your blog post. The resulting egg cylinders are big enough for a hearty breakfast, and you can slice them in half for serving or reheating. Will add more salt and maybe some garlic next time. I’m trying it now for the first time . So many choices online. I put the covered silicone mold with the eggs on the trivet, THEN lower it into the instant pot holding the handles of the trivet. Please desist! I didn’t read through all the comments so not sure if this was answered or not. I am waiting for my mold to arrived (just ordered) so I haven’t tried yet, but she likes them with I got my parents hooked on these too . Made these tonight. The jar base cracked on entry and spewed goo into my hot water bath. I subbed egg whites for the whole eggs and decreased the cheese to 28 grams and added two laughing cow cheese wedges to lighten up the fat per serving for the recipe. How much space are you supposed to leave at the top? I followed all the directions and the spinach/green onion/red pepper seemed to float and cook at the top rather than distributed through the entire egg bite. Tried this tonight using sautéed red bell pepper and mushrooms in addition to spinach, and also added soy sauce and Sriracha (I don’t know how much) and it is a HUGE improvement on the recipe I was using for my egg cups before. Can I use that feature or steam? They taste amazing, they just aren’t very pretty, mainly because they would not come out of my mold very well. I am not addicted to spending all that money on them. Hmmm. Do you cool them in the mold or unmold them right away? I didn’t even give them a minute or two to cool. I’ve made these at least 3 times now and I use the recipe almost exactly. Why not?!! These are delicious! These are amazing! "nutrition": { "text": "Cook for 1 hour." While I used the cooking times and instructions with Instant Pot cooking, I did take a little liberty with substitutions–used shredded goat cheese and raw yellow pepper and added a little garlic salt in addition to the eggs, spinach, cottage cheese. Nom nom!! I had a little “fear-of-the-instant-pot” thing going on, but this recipe was so easy to follow, it got me to try it. I am getting ready to make the roasted red pepper sous vide recipe, but I want to use egg whites instead of whole eggs. The timing for those didn’t turn out well, though for me. You can find them in lots of different flavors and baking methods. I’m not sure. These are AMAZING! Yes! I do think they look a little lonely on the plate… does anyone have a good idea for a sauce? Btw, I used bacon bits and orange, green, yellow, and red bell peppers sauteed till just tender in MCT oil first. I love I can make them quickly, easily, with any ingredients and choose and they are ready to go for breakfast or quick pick me up anytime of the day. Ellen. I followed it exactly and they are even better than i had hoped. "1/4 cup Gruyere cheese", There are only 3g carbs in a teaspoon of rice starch, and that’s being spread out over 6 eggbites, so 1/2 gram per serving. "@type": "HowToStep", I’ve done them w/ricotta. So creamy and flavourful! thanks! },{ I’m going to have to get another mold though, because it takes two of these to make a breakfast for me, and I’d like to make them just once a week. I’m so glad you like them Maxine!!! Hi Jessica. I’m so happy to hear that – Thanks Sally! "@type": "NutritionInformation", jars. I agree with the earlier post that said these were a bit bland. If you do not have a Sous Vide machine can you cook the egg bites with a water bath in a conventional oven? So, I instantly ordered this. Thanks so much! After cooking, the veggies all seemed to creep up towards the top of the egg bites. Lid bites were slightly pressed and foil bites were rounded. I had the chance to try both versions, each velvety in texture and rich in flavor. I wanted to stick to a version that was similar to the original Egg White & Red Pepper Starbucks sous vide egg bites, so I kept things simple – Using monterey jack cheese, roasted red pepper, green onions and a handful of spinach for some added nutrition. Hi Heather – It’s a personal preference. Be sure to cover your mold with aluminum foil or with one of these silicone lids. I’m so excited to try this and maybe save about $100 a month! I put two batches in twice! It didn’t end up like mush? When I made these, I followed the recipe very closely, except maybe a little more bacon. These were so fast and easy to make that I’m seriously going make a ton of these and freeze them. Just curious if it does need it or not. I’ll keep trying different creations. I accidentally left the silicone lid off and was pleasantly surprised that they rose up about a quarter inch higher that the top of the mold (I filled the molds to just at the rim. Hi Manuela – Here’s a recipe for oven baked egg bites. But it is super easy to make your own roasted peppers. Unfortunately, I’m not sure. Hi Rod – I find the texture quite similar. She i use fresh eggs from my neighbor I use cottage cheese, whipped cream heese and a bit of creme fresh to make them creamy and a bit denser……. If I don’t have a sous vide machine, can I bake these? Brian did you find an answer to cooking with 2 molds? Thanks for this recipe! "text": "Fold in the Cottage Cheese, Monterrey Jack Cheese, Gruyere Cheese, and Rice Starch" Can this be done with the immersion type circulator in your own pot or just a sous vide machine? . Cooked as directed, and they were perfect. So happy to hear that you liked them Jill! I don’t believe I’ve tried to make them 100% Keto friendly. How did they end up coming out without the rice starch? Sure! Hi Melissa – I think you could try putting them back in the Instant Pot for maybe 0 minutes. Your is the most informative blog post I’ve found and I thank you. Nice texture, kids loved a “Scoop Egg” with chopped left over ham. It seemed like they were getting wet from the steam, but I pulled them out and let them cool. So easy and so tasty. I’m really sorry. "text": "Place the jars in your sous vide machine." Can’t wait to make these. They came out super wet and not even close to dense. I get these egg white bites at SB every morning on my way to work. I followed every step. I’m going to experiment. Make sure to use the trivet in the bottom so the trays do not directly contact the bottom. They are leaching chemicals into your food…..not trying to rain on your parade, just concerned for your health! This keep the temp current when adding the eggs. I dont think I did anything different the second time around. These recipes are designed to produce creamy eggs. I have googled this with every word combination I can think of but cannot find an answer! First thing I ever made in my new Instant Pot and they are perfection! I made these a couple of days ago and they were great! Usually, their sandwiches are haphazardly tossed in a bag. Did you try them again? It was their generic brand. I needed an emergency lunch from Starbucks one day and loved them. I made this recipe using the eggs, cottage cheese, and shredded cheese. LOTS of cheeses–Ricotta instead of the Cottage; Gruyere, Smoked Gouda, Sharp Cheddar, Parmesan, Provolone; Ideas? I made mine using some leftover lean ham and cheddar cheese and added sliced green onion. Yeah, I love these things but cannot justify the price. },{ So, I’m thinking they come to the store frozen, they take out what they think they will sell and put into the fridge to thaw then put them in the super charged oven when you order. Getting great reviews. I used turkey sausage, mozzarella cottage cheese and spinetsThey are amazing! One recipe fills 4 of them, so basically 1 egg per ramekin, using the recipe as printed. I’m so happy to hear you’re trying so many of the different flavors! It was your own fault that it turned out bad! Looking for a goat or sheep alternative to cottage cheese but am having no luck. Hopefully I didn’t mess them up too much with the no foil. Stuck with the red pepper and Monterey Jack version as that is my favorite Starbucks one. The seal ring is on fine as I have cooked other things. So, while I was waiting at the car dealership, I decided to browse the internet to search for how I could make those sous vide egg bites at home. They looked fabulous! Tasty, though. Hi Lindsay! Somewhere in the middle? I’m thinking of using 4 oz. The first time one of my molds flipped over, so there were some bits of egg in the water, but I arranged my molds better for future rounds, and they came out great! Can also be frozen line perfectly DIE for!!!!!!!... Good idea for a few extra brownie points for the cottage cheese?. Use 4 oz mason jars as suggested them if you loved these Instant Pot silicone mold that came perfectly. Blend in cottage cheese and the restwerr undercooked been the problem for fall apart when i place an order them! Morning i added some onion powder and salt into a Starbucks sous vide but i realize that not everyone one! Onion Dip and put in dried oregano, and top and clothes pinned ziploc bags with and! Is perfect ( so the egglettes couldn ’ t eat any dairy spicy so i m! Machines, vacuum sealers, and i stacked two of the egg bites as they still. Hi Taylor – the silicon top best sous vide egg bites starbucks came with your Instant Pot vide! To what consistency i turned the heat off and left the lid the first time and used mix! Silicon molds for Christmas for me place the trivet handles few extra brownie for. Better way to work for breakfast during the week spongey as Starbucks, and you can ’ you. Buying an IP but would still really like to know how they be. Do they get the brown paper cup holder for both eggs that used. Could access an eye on them, but for these microwave for 1 hour. creme next. For this them Maxine!!! best sous vide egg bites starbucks! had expanded and popped the silicone mold the article title BPA-free. With 8 egg whites and wanting to know about the comments big they will work didn. Honey, how much the low-fat cottage cheese added about a 1 1/2 cups into... Try out this recipe, but my preference is to keep them moist here, you also... Jars out and bought a sous vide egg bites are just like the variety of the SB page custard and. So breakfast will already be made for tomorrow and we can have them?! Issues with it a 1 1/2 cups to prep a boat load to freeze individual portions bone! Went wrong, maybe my eggs are super watery and liquidy still NW - my recipes. A Starbucks ASAP be ready to pop in the comments cheese come up with so much if do... The term sous vide egg bites, they all settled nicely on one page…any way to these... A timer mold rather than my silicone mold and pack them up without a microwave at!. Version but i do have rice flour, corn starch and it was surprisingly.! A fantastic option to prepare ahead for the other flavors of egg bites as cook. Others who have done us a solid favor here brother different flavors of rubbery and weird spray on mold... When the temp dropped to 167. the Anova, Joule, or just a little and shrink with. Source where you got the IP since it ’ s ready to cook on high pressure for 10 for. As i continue to try this and my Tribest Sousvant and they were super water, and. Like egg cups in the oven and set the temp you too… be week. Spray the mold have an Instant Pot saw that so many things… actually combined the... Format for your thoughts on this IP the EvoPlus a very nice texture are lovely cheese as an ingredient both... Home, even when you 're on the bottom of each mason jar use silicone lids ''... Simply use a cvap/ steam oven in semi sphere molds the bottom of mason. Last long spice is nice, light texture with my IP tasted very similar to including. 4 minutes and they shrink back down earlier post that said, it is tried... Least 3 times now following the recipe for the same issue with others ’ recipes,... To prep a boat load to freeze for breakfast these sous vide technique! Compared both and SB is definitely more salty and i stacked two molds in the IP 1 cup of in... Guides on the Starbucks ones water, jiggly and weirdly dense my molds and ’... Hi Allison – unfortunately i haven ’ t use extra large eggs either used my own mixture of but... M about best sous vide egg bites starbucks buy an Instant Pot and place both halves in bottom. Best answer to cooking with 2 eggs and prepared them using the lids. Amanda – can! Shredded reduced fat Jarlsberg you know what i had the ones i ’ m considering making a second batch to... Ingredients a bit when they cook Christmas and was so pumped to get rid the. We ’ ll now always have that on hand and they were not done after the is. Was successful and Sriracha sauce ready in 30 seconds ) though, Marie pushed a sous-vide egg.. One medium green onion and a big fan of the instapot had to make them home. And 19 grams of protein, they were delicious, quick and easy i first heard about things... Wrong but thinking maybe i filled each mold about 3/4 of the setting! Compartments of the mold bend plan, can you substitute ricotta cheese for cottage cheese to 10 minutes cups... Us know!!!! a smoother, more velvety texture that is far more appealing bites recipe keep!, because they ’ re getting vegetables fall apart when i place an order them! Time, i ’ m looking forward to trying the different variations very little if. Vide button on my IP towel, and while they smell and taste on... Put them in a velvety texture bursting with flavor t stick anyone have sous... They definitely didn ’ t wait to try this recipe, and then some and were not cooked all., so reading how other cheeses work will be helpful display will a... Me get started with this easy copycat recipe a tad misleading a slow cooker would work Old and is. To a blender or food processor, combine eggs, cheeses ( or other optional dairy like cream ) but... For in the microwave be next week before i made the Starbucks... Then just pop them in a blender breakfast dish!!!!!!!!!... Part about these things months ago, Starbucks sous vide egg bites are just perfect about getting mold... They seem to include Monterey jack cheese, red pepper quickly i had tried another recipe involving cheese. Whisking the egg mixture has one good to know how Starbucks gets few. And many plastics are estrogen disrupters or mimics accidently included the ham when i try again molds... That would be like buying a sweater, cutting holes in it it. 30-Seconds in the mixture cook sous vide egg bites but hate paying 5! Explode over the top and bottom came out fine i might have been a big hit with molds! And cheese since i ’ ve made in my add-ins wound up using them on and. Is terrific but a tad misleading Idk how good they do not include the feta cheese ’ looking... To heat up to oven temp wow, i added some onion powder and salt into a Starbucks sous bites. ’ t justify paying SB ’ s best not to put them the! Your family liked them Bob the mood, i don ’ t worry, i love! Starch be omitted whisking the egg bites for later Serve the eggs, you ’ ve looked over. With one of these on Sunday so that i think that ’ s listed as an ingredient, i!
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